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Education Centre


The "Emmaus-Chapel" is a special spiritual room that is open for our guests and employees at St. Virgil.


"Emmaus" Mural by Josef Mikl
Oil on canvas 9.20 x 34.20 m

Thoughts from Archbishop Karl Berg on the occasion of the chapel dedication on 1st May, 1976:

“Emmaus", is the set topic here; the scene from Chapter 24 with Luke, which possesses such a fundamental meaning for the life of the young church. They understood how to illustrate this occurrence in a monumental but secretive language and therefore made this room the centre of the whole complex, which compels one to look, think and pray. (…) Nowadays it is impossible to enter this room without feeling the architectural genius in this painting.

(...), then let me present three thoughts:
1. Emmaus means the way - not the goal.
2. Emmaus means second: Learn from Jesus and keep learning from Jesus.

3. Emmaus stands for the second coming – the promise not yet fulfilled.


Celebrate Together

It is such a joy to celebrate a church service with children, especially with the very small ones. Special basic conditions are necessary so that this can succeed. Children adapted texts, songs, symbols, stories and the right church space. The chapel of St. Virgil is suitable for this in a special way. The altar area, with its round forms, invites a variety of liturgical formations. Children are actively involved in the liturgy. A play corner is available for the smallest ones. The joint celebration of the liturgy with several generations is the focus of the family services. With this in mind, a team of families and priests prepares each family service very carefully.

If you do not wish to cook at home on family service Sunday then the St. Virgil restaurant offers an opulent midday buffet following the service at a family-friendly price, which is above all designed for children. Registration before the service at the reception.

The Next Dates:
Sunday, 1 June 2008
Sunday, 6 July 2008
Sunday, 5 October 2008

Always at 10:30 a.m.

Evening Service:
Every Saturday at 19.00 p.m. mass is celebrated in the Emmaus Chapel. We especially welcome our guests, meeting participants, and our neighbours to this mass.