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Education Centre St. Virgil

St. Virgil is the centre for adult education with versatile education programmes in the Salzburg archdiocese.

St.Virgil was founded in May 1976 and is the centre for adult education of the Archdiocese of  Salzburg. Since the opening of the architecturally remarkable building, designed by Wilhelm Holzbauer, St. Virgil Salzburg has developed itself to a regionally, nationally and internationally acting house. In the course of time not only the house has been adapted to the changed requirements of adult education. Above all the education program takes up social changes and challenges and brings them up to a public discussion and into educational processes.

On the basis of Christian value orientations the educational program contributes in various way to the personal and social education and advancement of a social living together: to the creative organization of the personality, the considering and the correction of life concepts, to the sense identification and recess in faith questions, to the participation in cultural life and for the accomplishment of individual and social challenges. The educational program addresses itself to humans, who look for personal life orientation, who wants to face up to intercultural, interreligious, ethical and social questions and who are looking for a place of inspiration and vision quest, as well at humans, who want to develop their vocational abilities for an active Citizenship.